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Gedit IPython plugin
Gedit IPython plugin

What is Gedit IPython plugin?

Gedit is the default text editor for most Linux distributions. I personally use it to do most of my programming and data analysis.

IPython is an interactive Python shell. Many people prefer to use it over the vanilla Python shell, because it has some nifty tricks like tab-completion of commands, etc.

The Gedit IPython plugin allows you to select text in Gedit and run it straight away in an IPython shell by pressing Control+R. This is very convenient if you quickly want to run short pieces of code. Please note that executing long pieces of code may not work well (see alternatives below).

Download and installation

You can download the source code from GitHub and install it by extracting the source code somewhere and executing the following command as root:

python install

Download via GitHub

Ubuntu users can install the plugin directly from the PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:smathot/cogscinl
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gedit-plugin-ipython PPA


After you have installed the plugin, enable it in the Gedit preferences (Menu → Edit → Preferences → Plugins → IPython). Next, start ipython-listener in a terminal. This is a simple wrapper around the normal IPython shell that is required for the plugin to work. (i.e. the plugin will not communicate with a normal IPython shell!)

Now you can select a string of code in Gedit and press Control+R to run it in the IPython console! If you have not selected any text, the entire document will be executed.

Alternative: IPython and Kate (KDE advanced text editor)

With Kate, the KDE advanced text editor, you can accomplish much the same thing without the need for additional software. If you enable the "Terminal tool view" plug-in (included by default, at least on Kubuntu), you can open a terminal in the lower pane of the editor window. If you start IPython in this terminal, you can execute selected pieces of code using the Tools → Pipe to terminal function.

Alternative: Spyder

Spyder is a MATLAB-like programming environment that works with IPython.

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