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Open-access journals supports the open-access model of academic publishing. A journal is open-access when its content is free of charge, easily accessible, and available for re-use with the sole restriction that attribution be given to the source.

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See this article for a perspective on the difference between open-access journals, and journals that offer content for free, but under restrictive licenses.

Below you can find a list of open-access journals (and open-access options in journals that are not exclusively open-access) in the broader field of cognitive science and neuroscience This list is obviously incomplete. Please feel free to post suggestions!

  • Behavioral and Brain Functions focuses on behavioral aspects of neuroscience and on behavioral dysfunction.
  • BMC Neuroscience focuses on all aspects of neuroscience.
  • Brain and Behavior covers a wide range of topics within the broader field of neuroscience.
  • Elsevier Sponsored Articles is an open-access option that is available for many journals published by Elsevier.
  • i-Perception is the open-access sister journal to Perception. As the name suggests, the focus of the journal is on perception research.
  • Journal of Eye Movement Research is a young journal that focuses on eye movement research.
  • Journal of Neuroscience is the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience that offers an open-access (Open Choice) option.
  • Journal of Vision focuses on vision and eye movement research. (Note: free content, but not open-access)
  • Frontiers in Psychology is a collection of journals, each focusing on a different aspect of psychological science
  • Open Biology is a journal of the Royal Society that focuses on all areas of biology, including neuroscience
  • PeerJ is a members-only, open-access journal for the biological sciences.
  • PLoS Biology is one of the major PLoS journals, which publishes papers in all areas of biological science.
  • PLoS Computational Biology is another journal in the PLoS family that focuses on the use of computational methods in all areas of biological science.
  • PLoS ONE offers rapid publication of scientific papers in any discipline.
  • Spanish Journal of Psychology is a small but apparently well indexed journal devoted to Psychology in general. (Note: free content, but not open-access)
  • Springer Open Choice is not a journal per se, but an open-access option that is available for many journals published by Springer. 
  • Scientific Reports offers rapid publication of scientific papers in any area of the natural sciences.
  • Tutorials in Quantitative Methods for Psychology focuses on the methodological aspects of psychological research.