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[open] inline help: change mouse color to white...

edited September 2015 in OpenSesame

I want to change color of mouse cursor to white, actually invisible. I know I could set the mouse cursor as invisible. However, when I set up the mouse as invisible, the touch screen will not match the positions where my finger taps or moves. Thus, I am thinking if I can change mouse color to white, then it will fits my needs and the mouse cursor will match my finger tapping on the touch screen.

The back-end I am using is legacy, and inline scripts follows openexp.


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    The mouse cursor is drawn by the operating system, so you can change it by installing a new cursor theme. It's a bit unusual, but it can be done in most operating systems.

    However, from the perspective of OpenSesame there is no difference between clicking with the mouse on the screen, and tapping the screen (assuming it is a touch screen). So I doubt that changing the mouse cursor will solve your problem. What exactly is going on? You say that:

    when I set up the mouse as invisible, the touch screen will not match the positions where my finger taps or moves

    So, if I understand correctly, the touch screen works fine as long as the cursor is visible, but does not work if the cursor is invisible? That would be very weird. Could you provide some more details on what exactly is happening?


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    Many thanks for prompt reply and excellent support!
    I tried many times and only change the mouse cursor visible or invsible (my_mouse = mouse(exp, visible = False) or "True". Let's assume I set it as "False". and I also load/draw an image of hands-up always shown on the mouse cursor position (my_canvas.image(filename,True, x,y,imageratio). So, I just see the hands-up on the screen initially. So far so good because I have not touched the screen yet.

    Then I used mouse to move the hands-up image around. It works perfectly, it means the image will follow the mouse moves. However, if I touch the screen (because it's a touch screen of course), then the hands-up image immediately jumps off away to a new position, and if I move my finger either gently or quickly, the hands-up image does not follow my tap, it looks it like to stay/move around the edge of the touch screen. Now, I again take the desk mouse and move, the hands-up image moves smoothly with the path of desk mouse moving. Then, I touch the screen by finger, it goes crazy again.

    So it looks like the touch screen by "tap" does not match the "invisible cursor", but work perfectly with the "visible cursor".

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